Can JavaScript Run Without A Server?

What does it mean to run locally?

To run a program locally means to run it on the machine you are sitting at (or for a program to run it on the same machine it is running on itself), as opposed to causing it to run on some remote machine..

How do I run a local host?

On Windows:Once XAMPP is installed, open it and view the Control Panel.Start Apache by clicking on the Start option of the Apache service.Click Explorer to see the file structure of your localhost server.Click on the htdocs folder. … Create a new folder in htdocs, call it my-site.More items…

How do I run a JavaScript file in Windows?

download nodejs to your a notepad write js command “console.log(‘Hello World’);”save the file as hello.js preferably same location as command prompt navigate to the location where the nodejs is located. … and run the command from the location like c:\program files\nodejs>node hello.js.More items…•

Where I can run JavaScript code?

The “script” tag JavaScript programs can be inserted almost anywhere into an HTML document using the