Question: Is Ghost Primus Still Good?

Is Hard Light good now?

It’s been in a really good place: 600rpm auto rifles are generally great right now; Hard Light had no damage falloff over long ranges; its shots bounce off surfaces and even pick up extra damage after bouncing; and it’s stable when firing..

Is the Cerberus 1 GOOD?

The spread of bullets coupled with firing 360 rounds per minute, Cerberus+1 is a great weapon to use when burning down trash mobs. It is also useful for taking down enemy shields given the constant barrage of bullets. Crucible players using the Auto Rifle will find out how useful it is – quickly.

Did Hardlight get nerfed?

Destiny 2 Hard Light nerf adds falloff and reduces ricochet damage on the infamous Exotic. Bungie slipped a Destiny 2 Hard Light nerf into the game’s latest mini-update in an effort to rein in the infamous auto rifle.

Did hard light get nerfed?

Here’s how Hard Light is being nerfed: Hard Light now has damage falloff, which floors at 0.7 compared to most Auto Rifles at 0.5, so it’s still better than others.

How do I get an origin story?

As we stated above, the only way to get the Origin Story is to unlock it via decrypting Vanguard Tactician Engrams. Now, these items are only obtained by ranking up your Vanguard Faction reputation, which can only be done by earning Vanguard Tactician Tokens.

What is the God roll Erentil fr4?

A god roll Erentil FR4 can practically snipe players across a map. … This Fusion Rifle seems to be a sniper in disguise, at least when it lands with a god roll.

Why is Uriel’s gift so good?

It has a very controllable recoil that doesn’t need the counterbalance mod to be useful so you can have other perks too. It has very good range perks and Hcr can help in close range fights.

What is the best auto rifle?

Best Auto RiflesHard Light. Hard Light has had a meteoric rise to power thanks to some recent changes to Auto Rifles. … SUROS Regime. SUROS Regime can also be switched to a slower rate of fire using Dual Speed Receiver. … Monte Carlo. … Breakneck. … The Ringing Nail. … Seventh Seraph Carbine.

Is Uriel’s gift still good 2019?

Not as good as it used to be, obviously, but it’s still a damn good gun. We’re of course talking about Uriel’s Gift, a PvP powerhouse of time’s past when High-Caliber Rounds were busted. … Staying true to its legacy, Uriel’s Gift remains a PvP weapon.

How do you get ghost Primus?

Ghost Primus can be obtained by completing activities or looting chests in the Leviathan raid.

Is misfit a good auto rifle?

Misfit. The first one up on the list isn’t an Exotic, but a Legendary Auto Rifle; and we’re starting with the Misfit simply because even though it’s still a popular gun, it just doesn’t offer as much as the others on the list.

Is XUR at the Tower?

The weekly Exotic item merchant, Xur, hangs out in random locations around the world of Destiny. In Destiny 2, he can appear all over the map, as well as inside the Tower.

Where does Uriel’s gift drop?

Uriel’s Gift can drop from legendary engrams decrypted by the Cryptarch or rank up engrams from Devrim Kay on Earth, the Gunsmith in the Tower or Failsafe on Nessus.