Question: What Does LR SR Mean?

What does LR mean in ammo?

22 Long Rifle.

22 Long Rifle.22 Long Rifle (.22 LR)Overall length1.000 in (25.4 mm)Rifling twist1:16″Primer typeRimfireBallistic performance19 more rows.

What does SR mean in nursing?

usually it means slow release/sustained release.

Which is better .22 or 9mm?

A 9mm round is much larger and much more powerful than a 22 lr round. It can and does penetrate 12 inches of ballistic gel with ease and is capable of dealing damage to vital organs. At the same time, the 9mm is still an easy shooting and accurate round.

Can a 22 stop an attacker?

The . 22 required the least number of shots to stop an attacker as compared to the other cartridges. … 22 is actually more effective than the high power cartridges: 9mm, 40sw and 45 acp! Your statement “those are likely psychological stops rather than physical incapacitations” is not supported by any data you offer.

What is Transporter LR copy?

Lorry ReceiptLR: LR Stands for Lorry Receipt also called “Bilti” in Hindi. This receipt is either in 3 copies or 5 copies i.e. Consignee copy, Driver Copy, Consigner Copy and File Copy. This receipt is made by the Transporter once the material is loaded on the vehicle for Delivery.

What does LR stand for?

AcronymDefinitionLRLiberia (country code, top level domain)LRLloyd’s Register (various locations)LRLikelihood RatioLRLong-Range73 more rows

What does SR stand for in science?

SRSenior Academic & Science » Students — and more…Rate it:SRSolar Radiation Academic & Science » Ocean ScienceRate it:SRSampling Rate InternetRate it:SRSustained Release Medical » Physiology — and more…Rate it:SRSchool Record Academic & Science » UniversitiesRate it:20 more rows

What does SR mean in anatomy?

sarcoplasmic reticulumMedical definitions for sarcoplasmic reticulum sarcoplasmic reticulum.

What does CP stand for in law?

Common Plea + 1 variant. Law, Jurisprudence, Government. CP. Common Pleas. Court, Plea, County.

What is LR in finance?

A leverage ratio is any one of several financial measurements that look at how much capital comes in the form of debt (loans) or assesses the ability of a company to meet its financial obligations. … Banks have regulatory oversight on the level of leverage they are can hold.

What is LR education?

Designated Learning Resource (LR) Focal Persons for Secondary Schools (role description are as follows): … -Involve with the planning, coordinating and controlling the reproduction of learning materials in every learning area across the grade level.

What does SR mean in doctors?

List of medical abbreviations: SAbbreviationMeaningSQ sqsubcutaneousSRslow release (see also time release technology (medicine)) Sinus rhythmSpO2peripheral capillary oxygen saturationSROMspontaneous rupture of membranes168 more rows

What does LR mean in business?

Limited RestructuringLR is Layoffs in CIsco speak but, it stands for Limited Restructuring.

What does 22 LR stand for?

Long RifleDefinition. 22LR. .22 Long Rifle (ammunition)

What does NHD mean in law?

No Harm DoneThe definition of NHD is “No Harm Done”

What is LR in law?

In 1865, the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting began to produce a semiofficial series of reports called The Law Reports, and the nominate reports came to an end. There was a series in the LR for each court in the English System which existed in 1865.

What does S P stand for?

Preposition. s/p. (medicine) Abbreviation of status post: after. quotations ▼