Question: What Is The Antonym Of Mercy?

What is showing no mercy?

Definition of show no mercy : to treat (someone) very harshly Although the mayor had apologized already, the press showed him no mercy.

We will show no mercy to the opposing team!.

What is the antonyms of merciful?

merciful(adj) showing or giving mercy. “sought merciful treatment for the captives”; “a merciful god” Antonyms: unmerciful, fierce, unpitying, tigerish, merciless, bowelless, ungracious, cutthroat, ruthless, mortal(a), pitiless, remorseless.

What is another word for merciful?

SYNONYMS FOR merciful kind, clement, lenient, forgiving, benignant, tender, sympathetic.

What is the meaning of abusive?

using harsh, insulting language1a : using harsh, insulting language an angry and abusive crowd. b : harsh and insulting abusive language. c : using or involving physical violence or emotional cruelty abusive behavior an abusive husband an abusive relationship.

What is a merciful person?

Use the adjective merciful to describe someone who has compassion for other people, especially when he is in a position to punish them or treat them harshly. If you’re caught cheating on a math test, your best hope is that your teacher will be merciful, or that she will forgive you for what you’ve done.

What does it mean to have mercy on someone?

Compassion leads you to have mercy, which is like forgiveness. If you have mercy on someone, you let them off the hook or are kind to them somehow. This is a quality that has to do with compassion, forgiveness, and leniency. … When people say “May God have mercy on me!” they’re asking for forgiveness.

What is the opposite word of always?

forever; continually: at no time, never.

What word means full of grace?

Grace commonly refers to a smooth and pleasing way of moving, or a polite and thoughtful way of behaving. The related word gracious originally meant “filled with God’s favor or help.” Grace was borrowed from Old French, from Latin gratia, “pleasing quality, favor, thanks,” from gratus, “pleasing.” …

What words go with grace?

Associations to the word «Grace»Elegance.Beauty.Splendour.Ornament.Charm.Bounty.Virtue.Countenance.More items…

What does mercy mean?

mercy, charity, clemency, grace, leniency mean a disposition to show kindness or compassion. mercy implies compassion that forbears punishing even when justice demands it.

What is a synonym for no mercy?

Use the adjective merciless to describe someone who acts in a cruel, heartless way. You could accuse your rabbit-hunting brother of being merciless. Merciless is the antonym, or opposite, of “merciful.” If a person shows no mercy or pity, she is merciless.

What’s the opposite of abusive?

What is the opposite of abusive?approvingcomplimentaryfriendlygoodpraisefulexaltinghonorificapprobativemeliorative22 more rows

Are mercy and grace synonyms?

Some common synonyms of grace are charity, clemency, leniency, and mercy. While all these words mean “a disposition to show kindness or compassion,” grace implies a benign attitude and a willingness to grant favors or make concessions.

What is the meaning of mercy in Hebrew?

“Chesed,” the word translated as “mercy” in this verse, additionally suggests God’s quality of “steadfast loyalty.” The psalm thus relates steadfastness and mercy with “truth” – in Hebrew “emet”– which means behaving ethically and being faithful to God’s will.

What is another word for abusive?

What is another word for abusive?insultingrudeoffensivedisparagingscurrilousvituperativescoldingcontemptuousdefamatoryderisive233 more rows

What is another word for amorphous?

SYNONYMS FOR amorphous 1, 2 shapeless, undefined; vague, anomalous.

What is an antonym of the word mercy?

mercy. Antonyms: exaction, harshness, cruelty, vengeance, unpityingness, unforgiveness. Synonyms: compassion, clemency, forgiveness, forbearance, grace, benefit, gift, pity, leniency, tenderness.

What are the synonyms of mercy?

Synonyms forbenevolence.blessing.clemency.forgiveness.generosity.leniency.pity.sympathy.