Question: What Is The Most Accurate 223 Ammo?

What is the best grain bullet for 223?

223/5.56 are 55 and 62 grain, which are significant.

The lighter grain bullets are best suited in conjunction with higher rates of barrel twist like 1:8 and 1:9.

The lowest common twist rate is 1:7, which also happens to be the M4 and M16-A2/A4 standard.

It is most commonly used in conjunction with the heavier 62gr..

What is the difference between 5.56 NATO and 233 rem?

The first difference is the higher pressure level of the 5.56 NATO cartridge which runs at approximately 58,000 psi. A 223 Remington is loaded to approximately 55,000 psi. The second and most important difference between the two is the fact that a 5.56 NATO chamber has a . 125” longer throat.

What 223 ammo does the FBI use?

Winchester uses a 60-grain Nosler Partition for its . 223-caliber barrier penetrator that is in use by the FBI.

How far can a .223 shoot accurately?

1000 yards223 is a fine round capable of enviable accuracy in well made rifles. 1000 yards is better than half a mile, which is asking a lot of rifle, cartridge, and shooter. For this reason “long range” rigs aren’t often built in this cartridge.