Quick Answer: What Does Galient Mean?

Is it ornery or Onery?

As adjectives the difference between ornery and onery is that ornery is (appalachian) cantankerous, stubborn, disagreeable while onery is (us|particularly|southern us)..

Is it ornery or ornery?

The word is “ornery.” As noted by the Online Etymology Dictionary, in 1816 the word “ornery” appeared to be an Americanized pronunciation of “ordinary” in the sense of “plain, ugly.” NPR’s “A Way with Words” documented the usage of “ordinary” in one of their episodes.

What is the synonyms of Gallant?


Are gallant and valiant the same?

“Valiant” can be just brave or stout-hearted, while “gallant” is brave or stout-hearted with sense of chivalry or honour.

What is the message of the poem the hero?

In this poem an officer delivers a consolatory letter to a grieving mother concerning the death of her soldier son, Jack. She is proud of her son’s glorious sacrifice— but, on leaving, the officer reflects wryly on Jack’s cowardice and incompetence in the line.

What is the summary of the poem the hero?

He does not want the world to think that he is weak or delicate. He wants the world to acknowledge his bravery and valour. He has a faithful and sincere love for his mother, proved by his willingness to save her at the cost of his own life; it is this, says the poem, that transforms him into a real hero.

Is Onery a word?

onery adj. (US, particularly Southern US) Eye dialect spelling of ornery.

What is the difference between Excepting and accepting?

Accept means to believe in or receive, while except means unless or exclude.

What is gallant and valiant?

As adjectives the difference between valiant and gallant is that valiant is showing courage or determination; heroic while gallant is brave, valiant or gallant can be polite and attentive to ladies; courteous to women; chivalrous.

Can a woman be gallant?

It can still be used that way, but more often it describes any kind of bravery, and it is just as correct to describe a woman’s bravery as gallant as it is a man’s.

What does gallant lies mean?

“We mothers are so proudOf our dead soldiers.” Then her face was bowed. ‘ … The mother is a ‘poor old dear’ to him to which he can tell ‘gallant lies’. This means that the “home front” as it was called, was completely removed from the realities of War, unaware of the real problems with which the soldiers were battling.

What is a gallant soldier mean?

1 brave and high-spirited; courageous and honourable; dashing. a gallant warrior.

What is the opposite word of Gallant?

Antonyms for gallant cowardly, afraid, shy, meek, unwilling, unmannerly, timid, unrefined, fearful, ungentlemanly.

What are synonyms for bloom?


What is another word for premonition?

SYNONYMS FOR premonition 1 foreboding, portent, omen, sign.

What is a sentence for Gallant?

Gallant sentence examples. “That’s not fair!” my gallant bride-to-be offered. The most famous episode of the town’s history is its gallant and successful defence in the war of 1870-1871. I think there were not many such gallant sons of the fatherland out there as he.

What is the definition of ornery?

1a : having an irritable disposition : cantankerous an ornery old man Telling her that would have been an invitation to getting my head chopped off, because she was a mean, ornery number until the day she died.—