What Does It Mean To Supersede?

Is better than synonyms?



to be better or greater than something else.outdo.


to be better than someone else at doing something.rise above.

phrasal verb.

to be better than other things of the same type.beat.






be more than a match for someone.


be in a class of your/its own.

phrase.More items….

Why is it logical that supersede is spelled?

1 Answer. The different spelling of ‘supersede’ is appropriate because it is not derived from the same source as the others. Supersede is derived from super (over) + sedere (to sit). … The -ceed/-cede suffixes are just spelling variations, all having derived from the verb cedere (to go/yield).

How do you spell supercede in English?

Supersede: Usage Guide. Supercede has occurred as a spelling variant of supersede since the 17th century, and it is common in current published writing. It continues, however, to be widely regarded as an error.

What is the difference between supercede and supersede?

Spelling it with an –s is the only way. Supercede is incorrect, plain and simple. … “There are just eight words in the Oxford English Dictionary ending in – sede and all but supersede are obsolete.” There’s no trick to remembering the correct spelling. Supersede, spelled with an –s, must simply be accepted as fact.

What is more important synonym?

[ im-pawr-tnt ] SEE DEFINITION OF more important. adj.valuable, substantial. adj.eminent, influential, outstanding.

What is another word for override?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for override, like: make void, cancel, pass over, not heed, take no account of, reverse, annul, vote-down, disregard, neglect and revoke.

What does takes precedence mean?

Definition of have/take precedence over : to be more important (than something else) When it comes to making health care decisions, the patient’s preference should take precedence. —often + overThe safety of the children has/takes precedence over everything else.

What is the opposite of superseded?

Antonyms: conserve, keep, perpetuate, preserve, sustain, uphold. Synonyms: destroy, extinguish, overthrow, overturn, ruin, subvert, supplant, suppress.

What does it mean to supersede something?

1a : to cause to be set aside. b : to force out of use as inferior. 2 : to take the place or position of. 3 : to displace in favor of another. Other Words from supersede Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More about supersede.

How do you use supersede?

supersedeto replace in power, authority, effectiveness, acceptance, use, etc., as by another person or thing.to set aside or cause to be set aside as void, useless, or obsolete, usually in favor of something mentioned; make obsolete: They superseded the old statute with a new one.More items…

What is the synonym of supersede?

Some common synonyms of supersede are displace, replace, and supplant.

Will supersede the old law meaning?

Supersede means to take the place of, as by reason of superior worth or right. A recently enacted statute that repeals an older law is said to supersede the prior legislation. A superseding cause is an act of a third person or some intervening force that prevents a tortfeasor from being held liable for harm to another.