What’S Another Word For Retrospective?

What is the past tense of retro?


retro (comparative more retro, superlative most retro) Of, or relating to, the past, past times, or the way things were.

Affecting things past; retroactive, ex post facto..

What is retrospective in project management?

A retrospective is an agile project management method, most often associated with the scrum methodology (‘sprint retrospective’). It describes the regular meeting of the project team. During such a meeting, the team looks back at their achievements and reflects on how to improve future projects.

What does retroactive mean?

adjective. operative with respect to past occurrences, as a statute; retrospective: a retroactive law. pertaining to a pay raise effective as of a past date.

What does retrospective mean in law?

The Oxford Dictionary of Law defines retrospective or retroactive legislation as “legislation that operates on matters taking place before its enactment, e.g. by penalising conduct that was lawful when it occurred.

What is the opposite of retrospective?

Antonyms: prospective. of or concerned with or related to the future. future. yet to be or coming. likely, potential.

What is a reminisce?

reminisce • \rem-uh-NISS\ • verb. : to indulge in the process or practice of thinking or telling about past experiences. Examples: Justin met up with some of his college buddies to reminisce about old times. ”

How do you use retrospectively in a sentence?

(1) She wrote retrospectively about her childhood. (2) Retrospectively, it seems as if they probably were negligent. (3) Retrospectively, I can see where we went wrong. (4) The new rule will be applied retrospectively.

What is the word for recalling memories?

Some common synonyms of recall are recollect, remember, remind, and reminisce.

What is the word for looking back on memories?

Similar words for looking back: hindsight (noun) remembering (noun) recall (verb) remember (verb)

What does retrospective payment mean?

Retrospective payment means that the amount paid is determined by (or based on) what the provider charged or said it cost to provide the service after tests or services had been rendered to beneficiaries.

What is the feeling of remembering?

Emotional Memory: Vivid Recall of Feelings You’ve probably experienced having a flash of memory that caused you to feel an intense emotion — likely reminiscent of the emotion you felt at the time of the event. Recalling events can evoke the full spectrum of human emotion, from joy to fear, anger or grief.

What is the word for remembering everything?

Hyperthymesia is a condition that leads people to be able to remember an abnormally large number of their life experiences in vivid detail. … The word “hyperthymesia” derives from Ancient Greek: hyper- (“excessive”) and thymesis (“remembering”).

What is retroactive approval?

if a law, decision, etc. is retroactive, it has effect from a date in the past before it was approved: … The Justice Department had opposed the retroactive application of the guidelines.

What does retroactive chastisement mean?

adj. operative with respect to past occurrences, as a statute; retrospective. “In fact,” the Chief Elder continued, chuckling a little herself, “we even gave a little thought to some retroactive chastisement for the one who had been Asher’s Instructor of Threes so long ago.” avert(57)

What is another word for retrospect?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for retrospect, like: recollection, looking back, review, afterthought, contemplate, flashback, remember, reminiscence, forethought, prophesy and prospect.