Who Is Telangana CCLA?

How can I add Passbook in Telangana?

A PPB is issued by the Mandal Revenue Office (MRO).

Landowners need to apply for the PPB in a prescribed application form.

The applicant needs to fill the application form with all details in three copies of the form.

Only one copy has to be presented at the MRO or to the revenue inspector..

How can I get land records in Telangana?

Check Land Transaction Encumbrance DetailsFirstly, visit the official website of Maa Bhoomi Telangana.On the home page, select the “know your land status” option from the citizen service corner.Go to the “LAND TRANSACTIONS DEEDS” and hit the “Encumbrance Details” option.More items…•

How do I download Land e passbook?

Here is the step-by-step process to download your electronic passbook: * Visit the Meebhoomi portal and click on ‘Electronic Passbook’ from the top menu. *You will be redirected to a new page, where you have to mention your district, zone, village name and account number, along with the registered mobile number.

What is Pattadar passbook?

This Passbook cum Title Deed is issued by Revenue department and it contains details of land ownership, photo, and change of ownership. Therefore, the Pattadar Passbook cum Title Deed merits classification under Chapter Heading 4907 and is not classifiable under entry 4820.

What is mutation certificate in Telangana?

The mutation is a process of transferring of title ownership name in records of the revenue department for a property. By mutating the particular property, the new owner can get the property records on his name. …

How can I get new land passbook in Andhra Pradesh?

For the first time in the country, farmers in Andhra Pradesh can get their pattadar passbooks in 15 minutes flat at the Mee Seva centres by paying a nominal fee of ₹25. They need not make rounds to the offices of the Revenue Department to get the passbooks that would be printed from the government’s ‘Meebhoomi’ portal.

How can I check my patta passbook in Telangana?

Steps to Check Your Land Records OnlineStep -1: Visit the Dharani official portal.Step -2: Click on the land status option from the main menu.Step -3: ROR-1B & Pahani online window will be displayed.Step -4: From the list of districts select your District.Step -5: From the list of divisions select your Division.More items…•

What is e passbook?

Commercial Bank introduced the e-Passbook facility which is a mobile application which allows you to download and view your account transactions online or offline on your android or Apple smart phones.

What is ppb number in Rythu Bandhu?

Track the TS Rythu Bandhu status from TS IFMIS Portal: Visit the Telangana IFMIS portal i.e. https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/rythubandhustatus. 2. Then, select the year and Enter PPB Number (Passbook Number).