Why It Is Not Good To Be A Rebel?

Why is a person rebellious?

A rebellious person likes to challenge authority and break the rules every now and then.

Being rebellious is part of the American character.

If the colonies hadn’t been rebellious enough to rebel against England, there would be no United States.

Large groups of people can be rebellious, but so can individuals..

Why does Gopal want Hilsa fish?

The king asked Gopal to buy a huge Hilsa fish from the market and to ensure that no one should talk to him about the fish on the entire way from the market to the palace.

Why is it good to be a rebel?

Rebel leaders might cause initial fear and discomfort, but they create a sense of excitement and a vision that people can get behind. Employees who rebel create the friction required to test new ideas and alternative ways of doing things that lead to better solutions.

Can rebellion be a good thing?

Rebellion shouldn’t always have a negative connotation attached to it. … Encouraging a healthy level of rebellion in a child is actually better for their emotional development, as it helps them explore the world, form a sense of self and later become fully functional adults.

What does being a rebel mean?

A rebel is a person who resists or defies rules or norms or rises up against the powers that be. … Rebel is also a verb meaning to resist or rise up against authority or tradition.

How can I be a rebel in life?

Being a rebel involves taking physical action, not just holding and believing in unpopular views.Even if you’re determined to be a rebel without a cause, you will need to show others that you’re your own person.You don’t have to hurt other people’s feelings or say outlandish things to be a rebel.More items…

What is the rebellious age?

Rebellion in Early Adolescence (9-13) Rebellion at this age is primarily a process through which the young person rejects the old “child” identity that he or she now wants to shed to clear the way for more grown up redefinition ahead.

Why are rebels always the good guys?

Rebels are good guys if you believe the government system in place is evil and cannot be reformed. In real life, in the USA, we idolize the rebels who founded our country. We call their leaders the Founding Fathers, and we have holidays and parades for them. Depends which rebels.

What does a rebel do when nobody talks during the class?

When everybody talks during the lesson, The rebel doesn’t say a word. When nobody talks during the lesson, The rebel creates a disturbance.

What is the moral of the poem rebel?

The poem tells the nature of a rebel who does just opposite of what others do. The poet tells that it is dangerous but at the same time it is good because it is rebel who comes with the new ideas.

What do you think the rebel does not like?

Thus, the rebel doesn’t like what others like. The poet exemplifies it through a pseudo rebel who likes short hair when everyone has long hair. When the others are talking, he remains silent and when others are quiet, he loves to create a disturbance. Similarly, in the group of dog lovers, he prefers cats and so on.

What is an example of a rebel?

The definition of a rebel is a person who stands up to or defies authority. An example of a rebel is a person involved in a political uprising. An example of a rebel is a teenager who is defying his parents. To resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention.

What does the rebel do when everyone wears a uniform?

When everybody wears a uniform, The rebel dresses in fantastic clothes. When everybody wears fantastic clothes, The rebel dresses soberly.

What is the central idea of the poem the rebel?

The poem talks about the behaviour of rebels who oppose everything done by an ordinary person. It seems natural to a rebel, to go against the norms and to be indifferent in every situation.